What can cause painful achy knees?

Although it can happen to anyone at any age and either sex it mostly occurs in people that are over the age of forty-five and who are female. It is estimated that approximately ten million women visit their doctors and one of their major complaints is aching knees. Why it happens could be for a variety of reasons. Knee pain is not really a medical condition but a symptom that is telling your body that there is something wrong. The treatment depends on the cause of the knee acheand how severe it is. Many times treatment can be simple as self care measures while there are times a person may have to have surgery.

Possible Causes of Knee Pain

One thing that can cause knee pain is

having a direct blow to your knee during an accident or while playing sports.

Repeated use of the knees

Sudden or violent turning

Falling and landing awkwardly on your knees

Pivoting wrong or too fast

In addition to these reasons there are also medical conditions that could be responsible for having knees that ache.


Developing osteoarthritis, which is the chronic breakdown of the cartilage in your joints. This is the most common form of arthritis that happens usually after middle age.



Anterior knee pain is a common cause of knee pain in younger adults. It can also happen because of the following events:


Jumping on hard surfaces

Running up and down the stairs

Not having exercised for a long period of time and when you begin numbness in fingers exercising you too much.

Treatments for Aching Knees

There are some people who seem to suffer from their knees aching at night that is more intense than what they might feel during the day. Using knee support braches can be a big help because they keep your knees from getting into unnatural or awkward positions. Wearing them will help minimize movements and keep them in proper alignment. They come in a variety of sizes and are light weight, soft, and flexible so they will not interfere with your sleep.

This is a common complaint from pregnant women and at times the pain may be so bad that they are not even able to walk. The hormonal changes and extra weight help to contribute to this problem. To help with the aching knees a pregnant woman should exercise by doing exercises such as moderate walking and straight-leg raises. When you are pregnant you should be wearing well cushioned shoes, prop their feet up, manage their weight and can also use the knee support braces. If a person has osteoarthritis or general arthritis, sometimes they can benefit from injections of corticosteroids. Sometimes physical therapy will also help. A person can also use a lightweight, self adhesive and breathable compression bandages to help prevent fluid buildup in the affected tissues. Make sure if you use these types of bandages that they do not cut off your circulation.

In Conclusion

Before you start any home treatments for your aching knees, you should visit your physician for a diagnosis as to what is the cause of your knee pain so you can get the right treatment.