Natural remedies for red eyes

There are many possible causes of red eyes. Some of them are completely harmless, without serious consequences. However, in some cases red eyes may be a cause for concern and medical emergency. In addition, the severity of the situation usually does not correlate with the level of redness, but with the accompanying symptoms such as eye pain or visual impairment. Red eyes occurrence can be due to various stimuli, such as extremely dry air, sun exposure, dust, foreign body, an allergic reaction, trauma, or other conditions. In addition, one of the most common causes of red eye is straining or coughing. A common cause of red eye can also be a variety of infections or inflammations of the eye, which can appear in different places. There are available natural remedies for red eyes that you can use if you have this problem.

Even smallest grain of dust, if it enters your eye, can cause serious eye redness. It is necessary to quickly get rid of that unpleasant burning sensation in the eye and redness. If you have a foreign body in your eye, you should, of course, seek help of an ophthalmologist as soon as you can. However, on the way to the first aid you can do something for yourself. First, you should rinse the eye very carefully with lukewarm water. It is even better if you have a handy mint or chamomile tea. Then take a clean, damp handkerchief, put a few ice cubes and gently put it on your eyelid. The other eye should be closed for as long as possible. This procedure can be one of the good natural remedies for red eyes.

The cause of a strong red color may also be lack of sleep and fatigue. As soon as you feel a burning sensation and redness appears, stop all activities that you currently do, no matter how important it was, and wash your face with cold water. After that, soak a handkerchief, wring it, then lay down and put the handkerchief on your eyelids. Stay in this position for at least half an hour. Placing warm compresses of chamomile may also help for redness relief. Put two tea bags in 2 dl of a hot water. After five minutes, remove them, and put them warm on the eyes and hold them about twenty minutes. Chamomile is among the best natural remedies for red eyes.

Natural remedies for red eyes – Allergy

If the redness of your eyes is caused by an allergy, there is one of the best natural remedies for red eyes, which is perceived as being particularly good. You should put pads soaked with yogurt on your eyelids, as often as possible during the day. Before putting these pads on the eyes, make sure that you wash your eyes with water. Redness of the eye should be withdrawn in 1 2 days. The only thing that remains is itch in eyes, but it is much weaker.