What can cause painful achy knees?

Although it can happen to anyone at any age and either sex it mostly occurs in people that are over the age of forty-five and who are female. It is estimated that approximately ten million women visit their doctors and one of their major complaints is aching knees. Why it happens could be for a variety of reasons. Knee pain is not really a medical condition but a symptom that is telling your body that there is something wrong. The treatment depends on the cause of the knee acheand how severe it is. Many times treatment can be simple as self care measures while there are times a person may have to have surgery.

Possible Causes of Knee Pain

One thing that can cause knee pain is

having a direct blow to your knee during an accident or while playing sports.

Repeated use of the knees

Sudden or violent turning

Falling and landing awkwardly on your knees

Pivoting wrong or too fast

In addition to these reasons there are also medical conditions that could be responsible for having knees that ache.


Developing osteoarthritis, which is the chronic breakdown of the cartilage in your joints. This is the most common form of arthritis that happens usually after middle age.



Anterior knee pain is a common cause of knee pain in younger adults. It can also happen because of the following events:


Jumping on hard surfaces

Running up and down the stairs

Not having exercised for a long period of time and when you begin numbness in fingers exercising you too much.

Treatments for Aching Knees

There are some people who seem to suffer from their knees aching at night that is more intense than what they might feel during the day. Using knee support braches can be a big help because they keep your knees from getting into unnatural or awkward positions. Wearing them will help minimize movements and keep them in proper alignment. They come in a variety of sizes and are light weight, soft, and flexible so they will not interfere with your sleep.

This is a common complaint from pregnant women and at times the pain may be so bad that they are not even able to walk. The hormonal changes and extra weight help to contribute to this problem. To help with the aching knees a pregnant woman should exercise by doing exercises such as moderate walking and straight-leg raises. When you are pregnant you should be wearing well cushioned shoes, prop their feet up, manage their weight and can also use the knee support braces. If a person has osteoarthritis or general arthritis, sometimes they can benefit from injections of corticosteroids. Sometimes physical therapy will also help. A person can also use a lightweight, self adhesive and breathable compression bandages to help prevent fluid buildup in the affected tissues. Make sure if you use these types of bandages that they do not cut off your circulation.

In Conclusion

Before you start any home treatments for your aching knees, you should visit your physician for a diagnosis as to what is the cause of your knee pain so you can get the right treatment.

The Best Products For Frizzy Hair And Tips

It is very complicated to handle frizzy hair. It looks dull and lifeless and do not set easily. Nevertheless, there are products for frizzy hair that will work on such hair and make it look shiny and healthy. The only point here is that you must use the right kind of products. When hair loses its moisture and become dry and dull, it is frizzy. Any kind of hair can get frizzy due to humidity. Mostly those with curly hair are likely to suffer from frizzy hair.

Treatments with bleach and dyes that contain chemicals make hair dull and dry. Excessive blow-drying and heated rollers as well as styling products could also be responsible. Other reasons include rough treating the hair, straightening or perming, frequent washing, air conditioning or heating, and even genetics. These reasons are responsible for dull frizzy hair. Some of these practices are easy to control and you could change the way you treat your hair to make it shiny and healthy. Of course, you cannot control genetics and environment, but the rest of the factors you can.

Simply use the right products for frizzy hair. To deal with frizzy hair, all you have to do is to incorporate moisture in your hair roots so that it becomes lively again. In addition, you have to ensure that hair stays moist and soft. The first step you must do is to get a good hair cut. This will eliminate dry and split-ends from your hair. Then you must invest in a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to treat your dry hair. After every wash, you must use a conditioner for your hair. This is important. You could also visit your parlor for a deep conditioning treatment once in three to six months.

In case you do not want to go to the parlor due to hectic life style, or lack of budget, then you could try home remedies. Oil your hair very well at least once a month and let the oil stay for minimum 8 hours. You could also mash an avocado and mix mayonnaise in it. Apply this to your hair and let it stay full day. Then you could wash it out and dry your hair.

There are various hair care products available in the market. You must select the suiting your kind of hair. You get products for dry and dull hair, colored hair, normal hair, frizzy hair, and so on. There are even herbal shampoos and conditioners available that are very gentle on your hair. These products are normally rich in Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. They revive moisture into your hair.

Apart from these products for frizzy hair follow the following tips to enjoy healthy and strong hair:

1.    Use a clean, wide-toothed brush for your hair. Brush only until the hair is soft.

2.    When hair is wet, try removing knots using a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. Wet hair is very weak and breaks easily.

3.    Do not wash your hair everyday. It makes your hair rough and dry.

4.    Use a conditioner that suits your hair type and let it stay in your hair for about 15-20 minutes before washing it off.

Natural remedies for red eyes

There are many possible causes of red eyes. Some of them are completely harmless, without serious consequences. However, in some cases red eyes may be a cause for concern and medical emergency. In addition, the severity of the situation usually does not correlate with the level of redness, but with the accompanying symptoms such as eye pain or visual impairment. Red eyes occurrence can be due to various stimuli, such as extremely dry air, sun exposure, dust, foreign body, an allergic reaction, trauma, or other conditions. In addition, one of the most common causes of red eye is straining or coughing. A common cause of red eye can also be a variety of infections or inflammations of the eye, which can appear in different places. There are available natural remedies for red eyes that you can use if you have this problem.

Even smallest grain of dust, if it enters your eye, can cause serious eye redness. It is necessary to quickly get rid of that unpleasant burning sensation in the eye and redness. If you have a foreign body in your eye, you should, of course, seek help of an ophthalmologist as soon as you can. However, on the way to the first aid you can do something for yourself. First, you should rinse the eye very carefully with lukewarm water. It is even better if you have a handy mint or chamomile tea. Then take a clean, damp handkerchief, put a few ice cubes and gently put it on your eyelid. The other eye should be closed for as long as possible. This procedure can be one of the good natural remedies for red eyes.

The cause of a strong red color may also be lack of sleep and fatigue. As soon as you feel a burning sensation and redness appears, stop all activities that you currently do, no matter how important it was, and wash your face with cold water. After that, soak a handkerchief, wring it, then lay down and put the handkerchief on your eyelids. Stay in this position for at least half an hour. Placing warm compresses of chamomile may also help for redness relief. Put two tea bags in 2 dl of a hot water. After five minutes, remove them, and put them warm on the eyes and hold them about twenty minutes. Chamomile is among the best natural remedies for red eyes.

Natural remedies for red eyes – Allergy

If the redness of your eyes is caused by an allergy, there is one of the best natural remedies for red eyes, which is perceived as being particularly good. You should put pads soaked with yogurt on your eyelids, as often as possible during the day. Before putting these pads on the eyes, make sure that you wash your eyes with water. Redness of the eye should be withdrawn in 1 2 days. The only thing that remains is itch in eyes, but it is much weaker.

Kidney Cysts

Our kidneys are responsible for extracting waste from our system, serving as a filter for our blood, purifying it and eliminating unwanted elements within urine. As people get older, kidneys can accumulate fluid inside little sacs, called cysts. These cysts are almost always benign and don’t cause problems at all. Basically, a cyst is a swelling. In the kidney, cysts are round, have a very thin, clear wall and are filled with watery fluid. They can range in size from microscopic size up to 2 centimeters diameter.

Cysts can be categorized as simple kidney cysts or complex kidney cysts. Simple kidney cysts have none or a very small risk of developing into a much more serious disease. This is the most common form of kidney cyst. On the contrary, complex kidney cysts are those which have a high probability of housing cancer cells.

Causes Of Kidney Cysts

Although their exact cause is unknown, experts are sure that simple kidney cysts are not inherited. This, however, could not be accurate for complex kidneys cysts. Some people have a genetically inherited predisposition to develop a condition called polycystic kidney disease, or PKD. Also, some kinds of trauma to the kidney’s area are believed to result in the formation of some simple kidney cysts.

Symptoms Of Kidney Cysts

Generally speaking, simple cysts usually do not cause visible symptoms or even harm the kidney. In some cases, however, cysts can enlarge and press on surrounding organs, causing pain as a consequence of that pressure.

Sometimes cysts also become infected or start to bleed without a visible reason. On rare cases cysts impair kidney function. Simple kidney cysts can also cause high blood pressure, especially when they affect the filtering action.

Treatment Of Kidney Cysts

When simple kidney cysts are found and there are no complications, there is no need for treatment. If simple kidney cysts cause symptoms, surgery may be needed to remove it. Laparoscopic surgery is the method of choice whenever possible, since is an almost non-intrusive surgery technique that allows the patient to leave the hospital in a short time.

Complex kidney cysts, however, are to be assessed individually, and most often require treatment against cancer and medication to help the body handle the anti-cancer treatment. When the functions of the kidneys are heavily impaired, dialysis may be required.

Prevention Of Kidney Cysts

Experts ensure that people can prevent certain types of kidney cysts by maintaining the urinary system working properly. This includes drinking good amounts of water or other liquids on a daily basis, and to reduce the consumption of salt (which causes liquid to be held in the system rather than eliminated).

Alzhemier Disease

A degenerative brain disorder that gradually deteriorates memory, awareness and control of bodily functions eventually leading to death.

The disease generally strikes in middle age, but mostly people over 65 are the victims. The course of the disease are divided into three stages.

First stage is the stage of defective comprehension and perception, loss of memory, impaired reasoning, difficulty concentrating and making mistakes in simpler tasks.

In second stage intellectual degeneration occurs. Memory is particularly impaired.

In the last stage or terminal stage person becomes disoriented for time, place and person.

He becomes bedridden and losses control over whole body.

The cause of Alzheimer is so far unknown. It is suggested that the cause of Alzheimer may be due to a biochemical deficiency in the brain or it is inherited.

The early signs of Alzheimer are not alarming and so are often overlooked. The alarming signs include inability to remember things, inability to control bodily movements and deterioration of short term memory.

The most prominent early symptoms is patient forgetting recent events, confusion, restlessness, impairment of judgment, speech, concentration, hyperactivity, irritability and delirium. As the disease progresses the symptoms become more disabling. At the advanced stages, the patient cannot understand or use language,doesnot recognize family members and completely becomes dependent on others for help.

Diagnosing Alzheimer is extremely difficult as there are no tests to diagnose it.

Generally the area of the brain associated with memory is affected and memory cells are damaged.

Patients with Alzheimer’s  are helped with drugs that relieve depression, irritability, restlessness and sleep. In such cases the role of family members is very important. Members of family have to be understanding and helpful.

Proper nourishment and fluid intake, physical exercise and physical therapy improves the quality of life. Memory aids help in everyday functioning and also in improving the long term and short term memory. Communication with the patient also improves in memory functioning.

Alzheimer is such an disease wherein both the patient and family members require social and emotional support which can come through professional counseling and support groups.

Medical treatment is equally necessary for these patients. In such cases family members suffer to a great extent, since the victim cannot reciprocate expressions of affection, caring, love and intimacy. Proper understanding and acceptance of the disease and the suffering person, family members can cope with the situation without any stress and can walk on a right path for the treatment.